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It may seem that DHX/Hasbro is heading in that direction.  I mean why else would they decide to bring Tirek back in the season 8 finale, if that probably won't be the case?  Well, because it just might be.  

I mean, when you honestly think about it, we really haven't had a full season long arc since season 4, and season 8 could be that season where we get another season long arc.  And this could be why Chrysalis is seen in the S8 Premiere and Tirek is slated for the S8 Finale, because throughout the season, we will have episodes (every few weeks of the 26 episode run, I would assume) that will build to something big at the end.

And whatever that maybe, will play a huge part in Chrysalis Reformation, wither it's Tirek draining her of her power (or what's left of it), or him (at full power) threating the changlings, it will be shown as being a big deal.

Now I know many fans don't want this to happen, but if you look at Diamond Tira's reformation in S5, it may have taken 3 1/2 seasons to happen, but it did and the end result was the CMC's getting their cutie marks in the end.  And you know what, it was treated as a big deal, why?, because it took nearly 4 seasons for it to happen, and at the same time, they help reform a character, that many felt was unreformable. 

So if you look at how S8 may play out story-arc wise, we may get a similar situation, but on a much larger scale, with the strong possibility of Chrysalis being reformed at the end of the season.

But that's just a theory IMO, of what I could see happen in S8, now that we have both Chrysalis and Tirek in the picture.

Do you agree? 

Chrysalis To Reformed In Season 8




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I'm pretty sure Chryssi is getting reformed at the end of episode 2.  Why?  Because her story thus-far is almost perfectly identical to Starlight Glimmers.  Thing about it:


1.  Evil pony/bug has a hive/town full of loyal subjects.

2.  Loyal subjects get freed from evil pony/bug's clutches by the good guys.

3.  Evil Pony/bug swears revenge on ringleader of the good guys.

4.  Evil pony carries out revenge plan, it fails and she gets reformed.  


And season 8, episodes 1 and 2, are where Chrysalis completes that cycle.


As far as Tyrek is concerned, I seriously doubt he'll get reformed.  I suspect he'll end up like Sombra and the Storm King and be destroyed at the end of the season.  I'm not sure what kind of message the staff is delivering here, maybe that guys are beyond saving, but that's a topic for another thread.



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Another reason why I may need to just quit now.

I don't care what the BS reasoning is.


Congratulations. You just gave me a reason to quit now.

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Considering that Chrysalis was described by Andy Price as "beyond a villain, she's a monster", it would be kind of awkward to redeem her. It'd be like trying to redeem the DCAU's incarnation of The Joker.

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