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 I'm just your typical MLP fan, attempting to get into collecting, My Little Pony stuff, I should add. Other than that, I collect gas masks and other militaria including helmets, caps, uniforms, medals, field equipment, and other stuff. Also trying to get into historical reenactment for either the Wehrmacht during the Second World War or as a French infantryman during the First Great War. Napoleonic is just too expensive and requires a lot of knowledge on sewing, which I can't do for the life of me. I also play games, namely Garry's Mod, Red Orchestra 2, the Arma series (Least played is, 1 or Gold, or what have you), Civilization V, and others.


 Enough rambling, I'm here, I have no idea what I'm doing, and I probably don't have a purpose here. Working on a fanfiction that makes no sense because why not. Feel free to ask any questions, I'll try my best to answer them, even if they're way out there.


So, erm... hmm. Hello, that is what starts a conversation, isn't it?



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Hello and Welcome to this forum. Hopefully you can enjoy your time on here. Keep up with the show too if you can. S7 is now complete and the hiatus is here.


I'm the controversial one. :megusta:

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