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Looking back at Spore...

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... Holy shit why are there so many terrible memes in the 4chan tag?


Needs to be refreshed with some Green Anon.


And Milky Way, and Maybe Aryanne, and Maybe /pol/'s red Anon, dubs to be checked, and other shit posts.


But do I even have any installs left on my copy of Spore?


Also some 4chan cup. They require more dive grass and >Implying Rigged


So many not-shit non-weeb memes need to flush out the casual normies.

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20 minutes ago, DictatorTurkey said:

Ugh, Spore, one of my first pc games and my first encounter with drm. I still have the disk, and my actually working pirated copy.

I have my disk for the core game and all the DLCs, I dunno if I can get the robo-parts shit anymore: but fuck those.


The only problem is I don't know how many re installs I have left. I know I had it installed on my old desktop before my hard-drive died and killed it. But then it was installed a couple times on my brother and sister's laptops; I don't know how many times that was.

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