80s Series, MLP Tales, and A Charming Birthday on Tubi TV

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Recently, I found a free legal streaming service called Tubi TV. It has the 80s MLP series, My Little Pony Tales, and the G3 special, A Charming Birthday (none of which are on Netflix). I know they can be seen in the U.S., but I’m not sure about other countries. Some may be able to see them, some may not. But if you do live in a country where they’re available, here’s a legal way to watch them. Little Pony

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Thanks. These are very cute. I like My Little Pony Tales because its a bit more relatable for kids than FiM since the ponies (like Bon Bon and Teddy) are more likely to make mistakes. Twilight and her friends are often so well behaved, kind, and honest, they can be a little hard to live up to.


But they are all good series.

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