Apparently Watch Dogs is free

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 After talking to a few fellow members of a gas mask Discord (I should probably join this one), Watch Dogs (First one) is free if you get a uPlay account, so I guess enjoy this while you can. note it only applies to the PC version of the game


 In other news Red Orchestra: Ostfront's mod, Darkest Hour, got an update. While I really only play RO2 (IOM is best mod), it's certainly worth trying out, I suppose. If anybody doesn't know, the Red Orchestra series is pretty fun, it's fairly hardcore with some arcade elements in it, recently they made Rising Storm 2, set during the Vietnam War. Both RO:Ostfront and RO2:HoS are set on the Eastern Front (RO2 got a Pacific Front DLC for free), so yeah, if CoD WWII is too much (And you don't like how the German hats are both SS and Heer), there's always Red Orchestra if you want. Ostfront should be on sale, or at least, it was when I last checked.


Erm, Darkest Hour m9s

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