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On 8/27/2016 at 8:27 AM, Mojo said:

Yeah I mean she has so much depth and character that pretty much no one has any idea what to do with her and her episodes are almost all the same!


Anyway the best pony is Rarity. 


I disagree, I believe the writers have plenty of ideas for Fluttershy - she is just the most "realistic" of all the characters in the series.
What I mean is that she is not a character who has a problem and in a single episode or a song the problem is magically sorted and they move on like "I'm Arachnophobic" *Sings song* "I love spiders" but with Fluttershy it has been a steady improvement to the point she has gone from the Pony afraid of her own shadow to building up her confidence to be more vocal with ponies other than her friends, competing at the Equestria Games (that was probably a bigger moment for Fluttershy development than people give it credit) to more recent episodes where she is developing a bit of sass especially with Discord.
Literally if you watch Episode 1 and then episode 134 then you will see two completely different Fluttershy but between 2 and 133 you saw those little tiny baby steps that took her from there to right now and that is why I think Fluttershy is the best Pony :)

I like Rarity too btw :D

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