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Will Sunset Shimmer ever make a meaningful return to Equestria?

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Maybe, maybe not.

If i had to take a guess, it might happen once before the show ends, to do it for sake of doing and because this topic is brought up in almost any Q&A involving the writers.


Outside of that, it's not that easy.


The dealbreaker here is simply that it should happen in FiM, in EqG they keep the screentime of Ponies rather low, since it's mostly about humans, Sunset returning to Equestria for some time (or meeting Celestia) should really be the central point of an episode,  turning into some sort of Mirror magic crossover where we see Sunset and Celestia talking for a minute wouldn't do it justice in my view.


With that we're at the same old discussion regarding FiM referencing EqG.


While Shadow play hints that they've dropped the ruling "No EqG references in FiM", an actual episode focusing on an EqG only character is a different story.

Next to that, they still have to introduce how Sunset feels about this whole thing, only thing we've got are the scrapped friendship games scenes showing that she misses Equestria partly because magic seems more reliable back there.

If it ever happens, they could keep the EqG references rather low, perhaps focusing on Sunset's backstory, which is mostly unexplored as far as non comic material is concerned.


But, the scrapped friendship games mentioned above outright stated that Sunset intended to visit Twilight in Equestria, hinting that some sort of crossover was at least planned at one point.

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I'm not sure, but that would be interesting. Yet it would kind of question the faith of the human world since her and the main six have the Elements of Harmony now. While the main six in the pony world have the rainbow powers. I'm a little late in the EQG show and I'm still not done finishing season seven yet (half way there!), I think that would be interesting, esspecially since a LOT has changed since she was gone and her having the one of the Elements of Harmony. 


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