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43 minutes ago, WaterPulse said:

Remember that conversation you had with Clark about how whether or not there was a point to Starlight being in "Rock Solid Friendship"? And how Clark said that it was to expand Starlight's character? This was your response:


Not only was this the last post you made in that topic, but it was at a point where the writers were fumbling the ball again with Starlight's development. You could have said "So what? They've done nothing with Starlight and Maud's friendship, it's pretty much window dressing. Why should I care?" And by the time you set up this topic, Thrond made this exact same point with his reviews of the last few episodes.

You had the perfect opportunity to completely Superman punch Clark's argument right there and then and you threw it away.

I don't really read other people's thoughts/reviews/whatever you want to call them of episodes though. I mostly skim through them.

I'll admit I should have handled that better but to be honest I could care less about that anymore.

I don't really see the point your trying to make here and it has nothing to do with anything here if you ask me.

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Locked at OP's request.


On 28/11/2017 at 1:14 AM, Frécinette said:

However once this is done you will not only close this discussion but any futur discussion you planned to have on the "horrid, redeemed characters".

@LostSanity That was your last thread on the matter, don't let me catch you discussing it again.


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