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=== FiG Rules ===

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The Forum and Game server Rules as they stand...


Friendship is Gaming. Our fundamental value is that by gaming together you are friends together. Have a good time and make some friends! Use your words for wisdom on the forum and save your weapons for war on the servers. Be respectful of other forum and game users. Personal attacks on other members or Pugs are most certainly not allowed.


If you hack our servers, we'll hack back. There is 0 tolerance for cheaters, hackers and the like on any of our servers. Any attempt at attacking, ddosing, or crashing the server will be met with swift justice. This isn't a promise, it's a threat.


Do not provide porn to masses. We have legally underage users here and it is your responsibility to not make it easy for them to get the good stuff. This includes links, signatures, chat, voice and avatar pictures. On our servers, low quality porn sprays are not allowed. If your porn spray is less than 40,000x40,000 pixels, its quality does not fit in the server and your ability to use sprays will be removed permanently.


Please post topics in their relevant categories and sections. It keeps things clean and cleanliness is next to Princessliness.


Role Play in the Playground. Unleashing your inner pony on an unsuspecting populace is practically an act of war. Please RP in designated containment areas only! Additionally please keep the language PG-13 as foals are out and about in full force.


Threats of suicide are not allowed. This is not an appropriate venue to post your outcries for help if only for the sole reason that forums are a slow moving medium of discussion. Please find yourself a hotline if you need help.


Game server rules explained in greater detail. Our game server admins will take every step to warn people thoughtfully and respectfully when someone gets out of line and keep the game fun for everyone because keeping the game fun is our game admins' number one rule.


Permanent Ban Offenses



  • 1) Hacking -- Any form, period.
  • 2) Attacking a Server or Trying to Crash a Server
  • 3) Real Life Threats -- Saying you're gonna go to someone's house and beat up their mom is never acceptable.
  • 4) Vote Kicking or Yelling to Lockdown a Server -- FiG servers are public, always. Any attempt to keep people from playing on them is just another form of attacking the servers.
  • 5) Advertising for Another Steam Group or Server for the sake of Advertising-- Exceptions being those steam groups partnered with FiG, EQD or PVL
  • 6) Repeat Offenders
  • 7) Any of the Temp Ban Offenses Taken to the Extreme



Temp Ban Offenses



  • 1) Team Stacking -- No you can not play red or blu every round
  • 2) Mic or Chat Spamming -- There is no reason to stream music or MLP fanfiction across voice chat.
  • 3) Racism -- Be it Race, Color, Sexuality, Origin, Gender, Species, Breed, Brony, or Pony. FiG servers are the best in the world and thus many types people and ponies play on them.
  • 4) Gratuitous Language -- Although adult wording is allowed, erotic musings are not. Also when an unbridled torrent of F-bombs and the like start flowing from you for minutes on end, you've taken it too far.
  • 5) Disobeying an Admin -- Please listen to an admin's directions or warnings
  • 6) Inappropriate Name/Spray -- Sprays need to comply with Steam's Terms and Agreement. If a 14yr old girl would get an awkward blush after reading your name, change it. Yes I will translate your name to check.


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