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Princess Celestia, alicorns, 2-part episodes, lore-related stuff

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Sorry for the uncreative title.

This first post will be a fairly lengthy response to posts that originated from ANOTHER thread.

On 11/29/2017 at 12:07 PM, Metemponychosis said:

It needs if it's going to have a princess that rules the country and if it has another that doesn't seem to do anything similar, another that protects subjects, another that spawns an alicorn even though she wasn't born one, two that 'became' because they deserved it, two that... God knows... The problem is that the people that should know that don't seem to have a clue about what the princesses are, what they do, and what it means to be one. See the next paragraph.

I suppose that's a fair point since a show is ongoing and makes a big deal about the position and/or characters from time to time.

I guess for me, Celestia being useless while being in a higher position would make less sense for me because of that higher position.

On 11/29/2017 at 12:07 PM, Metemponychosis said:

Excuse me the exaggeration. It's from built up frustration from talking about this since the end of season 2 that pretty much started Celestia's journey into meaningless-ness. If I was the only one complaining... But it's even more frustrating because the fandom has a tendency of making the problem worse since the producers can only see their praise, and constructive complaints usually get shoved as "hate", ever since that time.

I don't think the "skin-crawling" is unfounded because I'd say that I'm past that point. And I'm pretty sure the producers do look at (and not simply "see") the criticisms in addition to the praise, but what the producers actually do next is beyond me.

On 11/29/2017 at 8:11 PM, Thrond said:

The show has outgrown Lauren's original show-bible, so whoever's in charge next year really ought to put something new together to define a lot of the lore stuff. Maybe then we won't have writers continuing to make stuff up as they go on. Even as much as I'm able to accept the mythology's problems, the increasing messiness of the alicorn lore is pretty annoying.

That's actually one of my personal problems with "Shadow Play". I don't dislike the episode, but I can't call it good mostly because of the show's messy mythology. That episode threw more shit onto the show, but there's a bunch of other shit that's still present and need cleaning. As in, do the creators know what kind of a world they're trying to make?

Now, there's the Mane 6, the pillars, and the alicorns who are available to try and defend Equestria, but will their contributions get distributed equally? Or will the pillars just be pushed to the side and get their introductions reduced to a nullity?

The problem with the 2-parters (and even the big movie) for me is a lack of credibility. We get a bunch of bad guys who wants to do who-knows-what to Equestria, but its alleged defenders do nothing. If the alicorns are nothing special, they should at least say that from the start, though I'm not even sure they can say that since "Twilight's Kingdom" showed that they have plenty of magic, and various stories still try to claim that the other princesses are somehow special. I mean, even the big movie had Twilight talking about this. In other words, the other alicorns may be minor characters, but the show tries to say otherwise.

I know that the show's mythology won't make perfect sense, and I can also understand if they haven't figured out everything at the start, but the show will be airing its 8th season soon enough, and it still doesn't look like they've figured things out.

5 hours ago, Metemponychosis said:

The cartoon goes out of it's way to show how important Luna is (despite a thousand years without her), but can never even try to show how important Celestia is.

That was something I always wondered about. Just how needed was Luna and her ability to handle nightmares if Equestria didn't miss her for a thousand years? Even though that kinda muddies the issue, she does at least do something genuinely useful, so I guess I can give her a pass. Barely.


Ultimately, I'm fine with the show being slice-of-life instead of adventurous and magical, but the latter kind of episodes show up frequently. I can only guess that they are the more ambitious ones because the creators felt the need to make the stories TWO episodes long with larger stakes, and they don't lack interest in making these kinds of stories because they're still being made.

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