[HELP] Keys to successful meet up?

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Hi all,
Pardon me if this in wrong sub forum.

I'm Rieaz, a staff member of regional brony community with about 30 people.
We already done 13rd.
Currently, we are struggling for a problem: meet up is going stale.
With every meet up, every member is busy with themselves. (For example, those who can draw will start drawing for themselves, and those who don't are literally just stay silent).
And because I've personally experience this (I'm on silent side), it creates a feeling "I don't gain anything, why should I come next time?"

The staff recognize this, but kind of confused at what should we do.
Currently, the staff aim to: 1) for each member to have better engagement with another members, and/or 2)for each meet up to have memorable event, no matter how small, so that everybody (at least many) who come to meet ups will have fun.

May we ask how another community tackle this?
May we hear your story about how can your community rise from small to the current form?
May give us idea and advice how to organize a community?

Thank you for reading and may our community grows stronger.


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I'd recommend dedicating a future meetup were everyone  gives there input in what they'd like to accomplish either personally or as a group. Examples "I'd like to do ice skating" or "I want to learn how to draw better." Then organize future meetups based on that input and feasibility. Also maybe dedicate the first half to a round table discussion/ perhaps split into groups since you said you something like 30 people.Create teams, they can draw they're own logo/ make their own chant and you compete in games (pictionary/ volleyball/swat tag) whatever comes to mind/ feasible.  Just some suggestions, best of luck to you and your group. I'd join but I'm in Georgia and moving soon. 

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