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Things I never care about when I watch movies or shows

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Rushing things

Characters being OOC or defeated easily


Bad pacing

Reviews/Analyses of others regarding the material, even if they are right.

I'm not sure if I forget anything else but this is what first comes up to mind. I'll add more later

This applies to MLP, Star Wars, Disney, Marvel/DC, anime to name a few

Anyways, I never cared about these things. Yet others do. I just go into whatever material interests me, and if I like it, I like it, end of story. Even if I did see the flaws, I won't care.
Yet there will be those here in this site to stop me and call me out, saying I'm deluded or insane. Then go on and do it. I'm not going to justify or give reasons why I like it. If you say I'm being deliberately ignorant of flaws, go and say it. But I'll like whatever I like anyways.

If you are going to call me out or support me in this mindset, go on.

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