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so welcome to the fashion game!

so it goes: give the user above/under you some new clothes with a photo or with text,

u could just say these clothes for the one who replies next. Does not matter if it is an boy or an girl, if it are clothes.


i do not have any user above me so i do it with myself. i give myself these clothes: 129d2f58dac15865ffab977716a2f95d--skater  or if it needs with text u say: i give (user), a yellow skirt with a purple top.

And so u do. And u may create your very own clothing, or u only give pants, or t-shirts, it does not really matter. u even could give  a hairstyle. (my favourite clothing is that made from rarity).

Just enjoy the game does not really matter when it is like an other game as long as you have fun!

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Isn't this game a bit similar to the "dress the user above you" game? In both you dress the user above you, with or without photo.


However, you'll get dressed in this.




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It's been awhile since I have been to a post office, but I am going to dress you up as I was on that summer day:

Princess Luna T-shirt.

Fox-themed pajama pants.

Reef flip-flops.

A Luna-themed nail polish pattern (alternating between black and dark blue) on your fingernails and toenails.

You are now comfortable and fabulous! :hithere:

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