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How in the world did I miss this?

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I mean seriously, been on EQdaily on and off for a long time now and SOMEHOW I have missed the Tf2 picture that leads me to a forum full of my fellow brony gamers and such.

-facepalms- id make a blind joke here but im wearing glasses.

Anyway hi there Im Zachary /Belmontzar,  Im all over the place online [Imvu, Facebook, Skype, Steam (duh) so im easy to contact for whatever.  Let me just get one thing out in the open real quick just to get it out of the way.  Because, anyone who DOES know me or may want to know me is gonna find out anyway so yeah.. im a Pagan Athiest.  While I personally have no problem with whatever anyone wants to belive or think about or whatever, I figured id just let ya know so if I say anything wierd ya might understand.   Simply put the only grand will I see or feel at allmyself is that of my own.  I am a follower of nature and the elements that make up all life on the planet.  Course ya got all your wierd little things that pop around like ghosts, aliens, and what not, but Idont feel any real nead to try and justify anything.  I follow what I can interact with and understand, the very idea of trying to comprehend the logic of ancient beings from countless ages past in thier view of your every little thing (Assuming ofcourse they actually are paying attention to YOU specfically. in which case.. your probably already kinda doomed pal. Way to go.) just seems silly in my opinion.  Nah id rather look at all the dark stuff in the world, and all the light stuff in the world.. and laugh at them both cause of how strange and wierd our planet actually is.

anyway to the pony stuff.. Im a big fan of Fluttershy predominantly.  I have always been open about my thoughts and as a result tended to be shunned pretty badly [I grew up in an area full of religiouse people and made the mistake of being unique.. rawr im different.. ] so I spent much of my time just wandering around following butterflies and talking to birds. [Yep I was THAT kid.]  I was familier with the show a bit thanks to the internet but I actually started to watch when Q -cough- I mean John delancy joined the cast as Discord.  I was originally thinking already about just watching the show cause of the over population of everything on the internetand when  Q hopped in as a creature named DISCORD.. who waspart DRAGON... yeah I had to see it.  After those episodes Iwatched most of season one, and whatever stuff I randomly caught on tv, on streams, or learend from youtube pony videos by people like John Scorcher and ILKimpossiblealot [sorry dunno HER name but shes called KP often so..yeah]   I also really like Luna, and Twilight but recently started to pay more attention to AJ as well.

When it comes to Tf2 I well.. dont ask me to be spy and dont expect extreme precision with my sniper play.  I tend to lean towerds playing Medic, heavy, and engineer roles, prefering to help out the team rather than rush to the front and get myself kil- I mean cap points. -ahem-  I play alot of cooperative modes as a result stuff like Freak Fortress, i plan to get back into MvM as well. [Or would that be PVM here?]

I realise imrunning on and making this whole thing REALLY long andrambly, and Im genuinly sorry for any or my grammer, spelling, or whatever other crimes against language im possitive ive probably commited.  Im actualyreally tired right now XD  I gotta get up for work in.. [lets see its.. 9:16 pm now..I get up around 1 am.... so yeah bout] 3-4 hours. 

So yeah, dark humour, mixed with strange opptomism and desire to help as many people as I can cause of multipelmedical problems.. yadda yadda if ya guys wanna know more about me feel free to ask whatever comes to mind and ill do my best to answer ya.  Thanks for trudging through this monster of a post... and ill pester you all randomly at another time. -yawn- Clock is ticking after all.....
clocks are round, and have numbers that mean multiple numbers.. you normally only see 12numbers on it.. but it actually means 59 sometimes too..  peh digital makes so much more sense than trying to guess hwo many of those little dashes are between the slightly bigger dash that is between the hand and the 12 that is also zero sometimes?  o.o  I dont get it.. people are wierd... and I just got really random.   I blame my little sister, whos fave pony is Pinkie.  <_<  >_> you cannot escape the Pink.. it is every where...

EEvee is best pokemon.  Fluttershy is best pony.  Luna is best princess.  Derpy and the Doctor are adorable together.  Changlings need a return episode.  Card Games on motercycles.

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tl;dr version.

He's atheist but doesn't care if you're religious

Dark Humour

He was the weird kid who talked to birds

He likes Fluttershy the most and started watching because of Discord

He plays Medic, Heavy, and Engineer


Anywho... welcome, I'm the local Dungeon Master and Best Changeling. I rule the Roleplay section.


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