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Don't know what to think of revenge or mercy

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I am really confused on what to think of these aspects of morality: revenge and mercy

In real life and from shows I've heard these arguments many time before.

"It won't make you any better than them"

"Everyone who encounters your quest of revenge will be hurt, but you will be hurt the most. You will be the one consumed by it."

But here's what I think: If someone had killed my parents for the sake of it, how is killing the killer making me worse? I did it for a justified reason. And besides, it's not like anyone will  actually miss them, isn't it?


Now for mercy:

Everyone argues: "It's the right thing to do." "Mercy is the sign of a hopeful heart and those who hope are the kindest people ever."

I've been made to think it makes one weak. That they don't have the guts to finish the enemy off, as "they deserve it." "Better to eliminate the problem forever than to spare the enemies' lives and be  all good-like only to have them kill you in the end. People see it as a risk they never want to take."

How would all this apply to pony?

Ok I'll lie down for a bit as all this pondering made my head hurt.

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I'm all for mercy when it comes to someone who generally deserves it. Vicious murderers, those who hurt children, or those that commit terrorist acts do not deserve mercy.

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