Good news, Bad news.

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The premise here is that I'll start off with a bit of good news, but the next person has to reply with the resulting bad news. The next person replies with the good news to those bad news, the next person the good news to that, and so on.


For example,


Person 1: GN: Pinkie's new cupcake recipe draws in massive profits for Sugarcube Corner!


Person 2: BN: Mr. and Mrs Cake get greedy and begin to completely change their merchandise!


Person 3: GN: Official Sugarcube Corner T-shirts become a major investment in Ponyville!


Etc, etc. Now, to start off with...


Good News: Twilight Sparkle has finally perfected one of her most advanced teleportation spells in years!

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Good News! The Friendship Table sent Twilight and her friends to solve the friendship problem in Korea and now the two people are united again. 

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