Spirit Fire

Spirit Fire (my officiel oc)

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2 hours ago, Spirit Fire said:

Thanks but can u explain this? Because i don't really get it ^^"""

It's a list where you can post your OCs and describe them and their history, keeps from having to post multiple threads, but if it's just picture then what frec said, which is a collection of picture made by the community

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I dig the color scheme of this. Well done!

I'm interested in the backstory since your OC doesn't resemble any creatures I know of by lore standards. Something you made up?


And to echo @Frécinette and @Badshot, you should post your OC in the master list thread by following the link provided. You could also post all of your future art in the thread you've already made.


Duplicate threads makes for a messy forums site, you know? Just a friendly tip!

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