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Hmm, I don't totally agree with this fandom thing. Of course it has nothing to do with right back to 2013/2014, but as a "late brony (late 2016)", I consider that it was way too crazy before, and I use crazy term for not using cringe one.

It just led to anti-bronies too, those are totally dead now. however, we still have daily news and discussions all over internet. Less but passionate. Our fandom is just no longer such a kid that annoy the world by spreading ponies everywhere.

I consider that the fandow grew up. It became more reasonable, more quiet as the adults we now are, more moderated or modest. Maybe that time also sorted us making the "less fans" (no offense to them) finally leave quicker, somewhere.

Honnestly I don't know when will be the end, but I see too much real passion for it end now or soon, I may be wrong about everything of course, but I see that Bronies need ponies that have no equivalent yet.

This year I planned to go to my first pony con (galacon), and I met many people to go there !

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Is this still up? Well here is my obligatory post

I win now gimme cookie x3

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