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I like the design of this one. Is this them?


But again, you should probably limit your art to one dedicated thread. Keeps the forums less cluttered, you know?


And in the future, you can search for users in the search tab by selecting "Members" on the dropdown menu.

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38 minutes ago, Spirit Fire said:

Thank and yeah it's them


And Sorry but i still don't know How to limit my arts like you said ;-;


You can create a new thread in the Drawfriends & Crafters section of the forums and call it "Spirit Fire's Art" or something like that.

Then you can simply post all of your art in that thread instead of creating new ones.


And to post your art as an image, you select "Insert other media" then select "Insert image from URL". You then copy and paste the image's URL into the box then select "Insert into post". Your image should then appear in the post window.

And to get this Think Pink's image URL, for example, click on the image to follow it to its DeviantArt page. Right click the image and select "Open Image in New Tab" (not sure if the wording would be any different on a PC since I'm currently using a MacBook). That tab's web address with just image is it's URL. The URL should end in something like ".jpg".


Alternatively, I believe you can also just copy and paste the image's URL straight into textbox of your post. The site then automatically generates the URL into your desired image without needing to do all of that "Insert other media" mumbo jumbo.


Granted, the way you've been posting your art seems to be good enough, but I thought I'd provide an alternative process, if you didn't already know.


However, I haven't been on these forums long myself so I wouldn't doubt if I'm getting something wrong.

In any case, apologies for the wall of text but I hope it helps a bit!

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