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(Some of the pages have the episode title in them already. If you can't bear to even know that, you should probably avoid them until it's time for the episode.)
(The Gift of Maude Pie, On Your Marks, and Gauntlet of Fire are airing as a run up to the new episode. If you're behind, here's your chance to catch up.)



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Welp, Starlight Glimmer just made Big Mac use up all his dialogue credits for the season.


Trixie truly was on "Tsundere Bender" overload mode today, still feeling the burn from the whole amulet debacle, and Twilight didn't help things. Also, still to this day, Trixie and Fluttershy have STILL yet to have any direct interaction, in any format... not to mention Starlight giving Flutters the snub while looking for a friend (befriending Angel without having to shows there is an evil heart still lurking inside...), and just a day after Fluttershy Day too. :fluttersmith:


I think this episode does more to highlight Twilight's issues with trust, as we saw she had similar issues with Discord before.


Also, stiffing Celestia at the dinner party and leaving her with Vinyl, Derpy, and Cranky was probably one of the best things in Season 6 so far comedy-wise, especially when Cranky asked how Celestia how her hair to wave all the time.

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I would probably give this episode a 7.5/10


Trixie was still being Trixie, despite her constant mess ups she still never learns that It's ok to not be as good at something than someone else:pinkieshrug:.

Twilight just being there stalking Starlight and antagonizing Trixie, not being helping in any way until the end. The Princess of Friendship everybody. (yaaaaaay)

Overall, Trixie being dumb as usual, Twilight just being there made situations worse, and Starlight.... actually Starlight's in the clear this time. She didn't do anything horrible in fact, she completed her task of making a new friend so.. She's the Highlight of the episode for me. Everything else was alright for me.


I'm starting to like Starlight as a character more and more. GG Hasbro:huzzah:

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What at a few moments felt like shoe horning pandas into the ring aside, it was a fun episode.


Also faecs



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Video links now up.


I'm not sure what Twilight had in mind with those metaphors.


Hey, if that solution worked for Twilight...


I wonder if Starlight is overly reliant on her magic.


And my sexy man Mac. And that turned into tentacle mouth rape. And then Starlight learns a lesson. She better fix him.


Crinoline? Hah, Brian May has been into crinoline lately for some reason. Weird coincidence.


Fangirl Dash is best Dash.


Starlight needs a Xanex.


And Trixie. She also seems to have toned down the third person talk, at least initially.


Yeah, something's different about Trixie's voice. She's not putting as much oomph into it as usual.


Trixie's up to something.


Trixie, last time you were in town, you were power mad and enslaved the town. You didn't trust wheels. I also don't think your secret is a secret.


Bush Twilight should be the new Ceiling Cat.


And DJ Pon3 appearance.


Hoofdini. Wasn't expecing a Houdini nod.


Trixie, stop being a manipulative bitch.


This seems uncharacteristic of Celestia. She never usually seems that bored.


Come on, Trixie, the show must go on. Though your makeup may be flaking, your smile still stays on.


Wait, Fluttershy isn't afraid of manticores.


And Twily learns a lesson.


And now Trixie flies without a safety net.


Oh come on, we need to know how Celestia does it.

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Watched again, and noticed Rainbow Dash generated a sonic boom flying off this time. Seems some of the writers have been studying their high school physics and/or Death Battles.

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