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okay so this is my review on the classic game Luigi's mansion

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me and this game go waaay back this was one of my favorite GameCube games next to a few others

so lets begin shall we?

 The game starts off with Luigi entering this haunted house that he won in a contest

so this is where you get to control Luigi you get to explore the foyer,

interact with a few objects and chase down a ghost who has the key to the door upstairs

then a cut scene happens after the cut scene you are put in the training room to get used to the controls.

The controls are rather solid even though a little stiff but I think that works in the game's favor

 after the tutorial you go back to the mansion and defeat the ghosts with your trusty vacuum cleaner the poltergeist 3000.

so the controls are as follows

Analog Stick - This makes Luigi move. The slightest touch and Luigi will tip-toe around. Press it full on to get Luigi moving at a trot. In the Options Menu, you can set the controls to Sidestep so that Luigi's flashlight and vacuum will point in the direction he's moving.

Camera Stick - Normally used to control camera angles, in Luigi's Mansion, the yellow camera stick controls where you aim Luigi's flashlight or vacuum cleaner. This is especially necessary when trying to suck up ghosties.

A button - Your main action button. Open doors, move or shake objects, and tap on walls. If you are not near an object this button will make Luigi call out "Maaaaaaaaaario!"

B Button - When held down, Luigi's flashlight shuts off, leaving poor Luigi in the dark. To startle an undead spook, release the B button to turn the flashlight on when Luigi nears a ghost.

X Button - Held down, it takes you into exploration mode with your Game Boy Horror. This is good if you want to look at something closely or if you just want to check out the mansions beautiful interior. For certain ghosts you will need to view their hearts in exploration mode to learn how to defeat them. This mode will also be necessary to enter certain rooms and find secret cash.

Y Button - Brings up the map screen. Press up or down on the analogue stick to change floors. Press left or right to rotate the map. Press the A button to zoom in. Pressing B or Y will take you back to the game screen.

R Button - Switches your vacuum on so you can suck up ghosts and other items. Hold down to keep on suckin'.

L Button - Switch your vacuum from suck to blow  You'll need this once you have an element that can turn your vacuum into a real weapon.

START Button - Pauses the game.

okay so in this game you find cash in objects like dresser drawers vases etc.  most of the game's boss ghosts would drop pearls

sometimes you get treasure chests that have cash jewels gold bars in them instead of keys

depending on how much cash you get does affect your final score so try to get as much treasure as you can .

you have 100 hit points as you get hit your big heart starts to shrink a nice idea in my opinion.

you can find hearts in objects too I might add.

now the enemies are varied and all require different tactics to defeat yeah there are your basic ghosts that can be sucked up real easily,

Luigi would have to shake off one ghost that would grab him and immobilize him by sneaking up on him

this enemy comes into 2 variants white and red

the white variant is harmless but can get annoying in a group.

the red variant how ever is more dangerous due to the fact it drains your health when it latches on to you. (I hate this enemy)

there is also another ghost who would drop banana peels or some ghosts would have masks that you need to take off before defeating them.

so this keeps the player on edge in a way to challenge players in my opinion (but can get annoying after a while)

now there are portrait ghosts these are the game's bosses some would require deferent tactics so pay close attention during the fight.

after you defeat the last ghost in that area you get a chest with the key to the next area.

now after a certain point you find a hatch that releases the game's villain King boo.

to get to him you have to get at least 40 boos let me tell you that's no easy task (especially in areas 3 & 4)

but the boss fight with king boo is difficult but fun and I died at least 10 times before I beat him.


the red ghosts that grab on Luigi and drain his health

the difficulty spike in certain areas

the late game boos are really annoying to catch


overall I give this game a 8/10


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I really loved that game, when I was little. I played it over and over, while the GameCube was still new. Somehow, catching all the Boos, making quality ghoul portraits for the Professor, and collecting as many gems as possible just never got old on me. It also had a good sense of suspense and horror, especially in the blackout part after the third boss. Loved how every portrait ghoul was unique in its own way and gave me a sense of wonder about their background and history. 

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