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Just had the saddest dream about a Bat Pony

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All I can remember is that I was sitting in the corner cuddling a grey bat pony. (she looked different than the other ones you see in the show) she apparently was infected with something that would kill her in a few minutes and there were many of Celestia's guards trying to search for her and kill her cause they thought she was a threat. cause she was acting very aggressive

There was a medicine type thing in a room far across from us. But it was too many guards out there.

I'm stroking her mane. trying to make her last moments loveable. I constantly look down at her to make sure she's still alive. She would sometimes look up at me with her eyes pleading. it wasn't a saddened expression. she just looked like she was really sleepy. while struggling to keep them open. I would rock her a little bit

Then I woke up just when I saw that her that her eyes were about to close.

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