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  2. Goodnight, y'all! :grin:

  3. Hey, Spider! How's it going?

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    2. WaterPulse


      It's not some one notices until one actually sits down and compares the two. In Yu-Gi-Oh!, you can attack with more than one monster per turn and you can activate magic and trap cards during your turn and your opponents.

    3. Spider


      yeah in Pokémon you can only attack with 1 monster at a time

      only play 1 supporter per turn

      but  you can play as many items as you want

      and Pokémon has a bit of a mana system due to the energy cards

      because you need to have those attached to your pokemon before you can attack


    4. WaterPulse
  4. Steel Crescent

    You Can only talk with pictures

  5. You've just been Glomrolled:


  6. ABronyAccount

    Name The Feels

    When you refresh your bank tab and see the direct deposit went through and then you mouse over to the tab with Amazon open. NOW, DESCRIBE THE CIRCUMSTANCES SURROUNDING THE FOLLOWING FEEL:
  7. ABronyAccount

    Answer my question with a question

    Why so greedy? Aren't there people in India with no entrendres at all?
  8. ABronyAccount

    Write random sentences without the letter "a"

    hi how r u doin
  9. ABronyAccount

    Wat Do?!

    I give up, provided they abide by my last wishes: Pinkie Pie as assigned you the responsibility of carrying out these last wishes. Wat do?
  10. ABronyAccount

    Starlight Glimmer fan club :3

  11. ABronyAccount

    You Can only talk with pictures

  12. nopony

    You Can only talk with pictures

  13. Yesterday
  14. ABronyAccount

    You Can only talk with pictures

  15. Animekitty47

    You Can only talk with pictures

  16. nopony

    Send the most ridiculous MLP GIFS!

  17. ABronyAccount

    Send the most ridiculous MLP GIFS!

  18. ABronyAccount

    1000 ways to get kicked out of a grocery store

    Chain yourself to the Imported Foods aisle demanding that they only stock locally grown ingredients.
  19. ABronyAccount

    You can only talk in gif's.

  20. ABronyAccount

    Silly Forum Game: Avatars

    "Giddy-up, Scooterloo! We gots ta high-tail it ta Meh-HEE-co 'fore the law figgers out I an't got a drivin' license OR a fishin' license..."
  21. ABronyAccount

    You Laugh You Lose V.1

  22. ABronyAccount

    Give the user above you a new name.

    ICQ # 247906
  23. ABronyAccount

    You Can only talk with pictures

  24. I loved the servers back when they were popular. Is there any way for this to happen? If so, I would be willing to help!
  25. Currently catching up with the rest of DuckTales S2.

    1. leonbrony17


      How are those rebooted disney tv shows?

    2. Anti-Villain


      I know that the new DT is very good, at least.

    3. leonbrony17


      Hmmm, might give it a try after hearing so much praise about it.

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