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  2. Title: A Trivial Pursuit Synopsis: Twilight's hopes of keeping her Trivia Trot winning streak alive are waylaid when she’s unexpectedly paired up with Pinkie Pie who has never been to a trivia night before! Airs: Today at 11:30 A.M. on Discovery Family
  3. Goodnight, y'all! :grin:

  4. Lord Nanfoodle

    Answer The Question Above You

    I don't keep track of most eSports teams, but one I have managed to stay aware of for awhile now and keep track of has been the San Francisco Shock from the Overwatch League, whom from the last time I check have secured a playoff berth in this year's 2019 Overwatch League. What is your favorite type of monster girl? ( *hides mermaid fanart* Er... Why is everyone looking at me like that...?)
  5. Lord Nanfoodle

    Throw something at the user above you.

    *throws Crystal at Venom to force him to reveal his true form* *throws Nuke spell at Venom to nerf his opening attack* *throws StarVeil on myself* *throws Nuke spell at myself repeatedly, which bounces off me and hits Venom, bypassing his counterattack script and ultimately abusing a loophope in Venom's HP script, defeating him with half the effort* (I basically just outlined an a very oversimplified example of how to beat Zeromus in Final Fantasy IV with Reflect strats)
  6. Lord Nanfoodle

    Give the user above you a new name.

    Mr. Dragon Lance
  7. Lord Nanfoodle

    The Banned Game

    Banned because I don't think an onigiri made up of rice, umeboshi, and nori would taste good as the filling in a s'more. Amirite, Rarity? ...Rarity agrees. In that case, let's let her rest in her bento.
  8. Jarg1994

    Sunset Shimmer Fan Club

    Keep rocking, Sunset!
  9. Animekitty47

    MLP Association Game
  10. Animekitty47

    You Can only talk with pictures

  11. Yesterday
  12. Shimmer Sparkle

    Season 9, Episode 15: 2, 4, 6, Greaaat

    @Light Blade Oops. Well, you know what I mean.
  13. Havocbyte

    Answer The Question Above You

    CATS! I have seven of them and I love them very much. Favorite eSports team?
  14. Light Blade

    Season 9, Episode 15: 2, 4, 6, Greaaat

    @Shimmer Sparkle Snails is the player, and Snips is the money maker, silly
  15. baltoist

    Answer The Question Above You

    Jurassic Park Favorite animal?
  16. ABronyAccount

    MLP Association Game

  17. ABronyAccount

    You Can only talk with pictures

  18. Kamen Rider W

    Answer The Question Above You

    ooh tough choice I have so many favorite movies but if I were to list one it'd be Nightmare before Christmas what is your least favorite Movie?
  19. sophianike

    Hi, I am new here

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  20. DoodleDot

    MLP Association Game

  21. DoodleDot

    You Can only talk with pictures

  22. DoodleDot

    Mlp reaction game

  23. hmm am I the only one who would like to see a Super Mario Brothers Dynasty warriors spin off?

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    2. Kamen Rider W

      Kamen Rider W

      yeah Johan may have a short temper but he knows his boundaries you know?

      mind you he had trouble fighting Yusei

      taking on 4 members of the 12 Dragons when he couldn't even fight Yusei

      yeah that wouldn't have ended well for Johan

      I;m going to get off of here its getting late goodnight

    3. WaterPulse


      Okay. Good night and Gaia Bless.

    4. Anti-Villain


      Luigi would be the gamebreaker; his idle animation would be a screen-nuke powered by absolute nothingness.

  24. Yotes

    Battle Gem Ponies (Pre-Alpha)

    Battle Gem Ponies (July DevLog): Aha! Now I see... Still chipping away at this project one day at a time. Real life hurdles still slowing me down and demotivating me, but even just looking at the roster of pony sprites on my phone throughout the day inspires me to keep pushing forward to make this thing real. Another devlog went up and I want the world to know about it. See the full Patreon Exclusive post here! Otherwise come get a brief summary of the game's progress on the Yotes Games Blog.
  25. We-R-VeNoM

    Throw something at the user above you.

    *Throws at @Bakaarion*
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